Housing Counseling & Financial Education

Why Financial Education

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan (HFHM) is a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved housing counseling agency. HFHM employs certified housing counselors and financial coaches who educate, counsel, and coach Michigan consumers that want to improve their financial and/or housing situation. HFHM staff members also walk along with people as they remove barriers and pursue their home ownership goals.


Fee Structure
Many clients served by Habitat staff have low or extremely low incomes (less than 50% AMI) and we often waive counseling and education fees upon customer request.  HFHM has a per person charge to customers who enroll in housing counseling, the home buyer education group classes and in the Financial Education Workshop Series. The fees are as follows:

  • $40 for Pre-purchase counseling for an individual (one time fee, follow up appointments are free).
  • $50 for Pre-purchase counseling for a couple (one time fee, follow up appointments are free).
  • $35 for the Group Home Buyer Education class including a follow up individual appointment to discuss their unique situation.
  • $75 for the individual Lender Referred Home Buyer Education for people with a loan in process, applying for Down Payment Assistance.
  • $5 for each group financial education – type classes, 8 total classes available.
Homeowner and Family Services Director Sue Ortiz presents to affiliates

Counseling Services

There are no requirements for program participation - all Michigan residents are welcome to engage in the financial and housing education programs we offer. These programs and services include: 

  • Financial Management and Budget Individual Counseling and Group Education
  • Pre-Purchase Home Buyer Group Education and Individual Counseling
  • Post-Purchase Services including Default Avoidance, Home Improvement, and Non-Delinquent Services
  • Fair Housing, Predatory Lending Avoidance, Rental Housing and Homelessness Services, Referrals, and Information
  • Connections with local lenders and Habitat for Humanity offices for consumers who wish to pursue homeownership opportunities
Financial coaches Sue Ortiz and Angie Hamlett

How to Participate

To Schedule Your Appointment or Learn More and connect with Habitat Michigan’s programs, please visit our online Customer Portal, Compass, to set up your profile and schedule a meeting with our team!

Reaching Financial Goals

A family of four was referred from a bank partner to Habitat Michigan’s housing counseling program in January of 2017, with no credit scores and no positive credit. Habitat Michigan’s financial coach discussed their budget, and the family was motivated to keep close track of their spending and had a goal to save for down payment on a home. In partnership with the referring bank, Habitat Michigan designed, and the bank developed, a credit rebuilder loan. Under the umbrella of this partnership, the family was granted a small loan. After six months of consistent loan payments, the family earned reportable credit scores all above 640!

The mom was so excited by their hard work, she cried and said through happy tears that she never thought they could one day be homeowners. They have since been referred back to their local Habitat affiliate to apply for a home. Habitat Michigan will continue to walk with this family as they move through the mortgage process. A dream the family once thought was unattainable has now become reality.

Virtual Homebuyer Education and Financial Management Classes

Virtual Class

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan provides the following educational classes for individuals and families who are pursuing

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The Fine Print

photo copyright 2016 Ezra Millstein, Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan believes...

...that everyone should have a decent, affordable place to live. All are welcome to participate regardless of race, color, religion or creed, gender, national origin or ancestry, disability, familial status, political views or any of the other distinctions that too often divide people. Habitat welcomes people from all backgrounds and also serves people in need of decent housing.

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan does not proselytize, meaning we do not express or imply that a condition for assistance is that people must adhere to a particular faith, convert to a particular faith, or listen to messaging about converting to a particular faith.

Everyone is welcome to engage with Habitat for Humanity of Michigan's Housing Counseling and Financial Education programs and services.

“What the poor need is not charity but capital, not case-workers but co-workers.”

– Clarence Jordan, farmer, biblical scholar, and founder of Koinonia Farm, seedbed of Habitat for Humanity