What We Do

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Welcome to Habitat for Humanity of Michigan, where we're dedicated to building more than houses—we're building homes, hope, and brighter futures. Through direct support and financial counseling, we assist families in securing stable housing and achieving financial independence. Additionally, we work hand-in-hand with Habitat affiliates across the state, providing financial and homebuyer education programs and supporting the construction of energy-efficient, sustainable homes and the preservation of existing ones. Moreover, our deep respect for veterans fuels our specialized housing services, ensuring those who served our country have the safe, affordable homes they deserve.

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Housing & Financial Education Programs

We employ certified housing counselors and financial coaches who educate, counsel, and coach Michigan consumers who want to improve their financial and/or housing situation. We help people remove barriers and pursue their home ownership goals.

Homebuyer and Financial Group Classes

Individual Housing Counseling, and Pre- and Post-Purchase Education

Financial Management & Budget Classes

Lending Services and Predatory Lending Avoidance

Home Repair

Repairing and modifying existing housing improves neighborhoods and revitalizes communities. Low-income families already owning a home in need of repair can partner with their local Habitat to get the work performed at a cost they can afford.

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan's corporate and government agency partnerships provide resources that support critical home repair efforts for local Habitats in Michigan, enabling them to offer this vital service to local homeowners.

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Veterans Housing Services

41 of the 45 Habitat affiliates in Michigan are Veterans Build affiliates. Habitat for Humanity's Veterans Build initiative represents dedication to honoring and supporting those who have served our country. This program engages veterans, military families, and volunteers in the shared mission of building homes and hope.

Veteran Housing Programs

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan leverages government and corporate partnerships to offer special veterans programs for home purchase assistance and critical home repairs for veterans. Leveraging these powerful collaborations, we create unique pathways, providing support, guidance, and resources that honor the service of our veterans

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Become a Habitat Partner Family

Habitat Partner families collaborate alongside their local Habitat affiliate and volunteers to construct their homes, work with homebuyer and financial counselors to prepare to obtain a mortgage, and purchase their home with an affordable mortgage. Our qualifying criteria—based on need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner—guide the selection process, ensuring that families who join us are provided with the support they need. To get started, connect with a local Habitat affiliate or begin with our pre-purchase homebuyer counseling program.