BLOG: Avoiding Scams

two men sit at a table with a women reviewing a document

Posted February 19, 2021

Scams come at us from so many places these days: texts, phone calls, emails, letters in the mail – and often they seem very official and legitimate. They even use names and symbols that look like “official government programs” like an American Flag or the Statue of Liberty. 

 So, how can we protect ourselves?    

** Scammers use urgency – words and phrases like “Official Notification about your Mortgage” or “Last Chance to…” and “Open Immediately – Financial Information Update." Contact the agency directly – DO NOT click the link or call the number on the letter. Instead, go to the agency or company website for a number to call. Learn more at or

Check out this list of common scams to avoid

Do you think you've been a victim of a scam attempt and need to talk to a financial counselor? Please visit our online Customer Portal, Compass, to set up your profile and schedule a meeting with our team!