The Power of Home Fundraiser

A woman in a black shirt and yellow skirt hugs her young son in front of a blue house

Monday April 5, 2021 to Saturday July 31, 2021

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that our ability to thrive during a shelter-in-place mandate is directly tied to the safety and stability of our housing. Problems such as leaky roofs, mold, insufficient insulation, and exorbitant rent payments threaten the health, safety, and financial security of Michigan families and cause further concern beyond the risk of contracting COVID-19.

You can help your local Habitat for Humanity office continue to serve more families in your community by supporting their fundraising team on the Power of Home fundraiser. Click here to find your local team and make a donation.

Habitat for Humanity affiliates have been building homes, communities, and hope in Michigan for over 30 years and expect an unprecedented need for safe, affordable housing in the coming days. The Power of Home – Michigan campaign is our opportunity to raise funds statewide to better equip affiliates to stabilize housing in their communities. Our friends at Consumers Energy are offering affiliates $100,000 in match funds - every $2 raised in the campaign receives an additional $1 of match money on donations up to $10,000! We need YOUR HELP to meet our goal of $200,000 and receive these match funds by July 31.

In 2020, the 50+ Michigan affiliates built, repaired, or rehabbed 473 homes. Join us as we continue to work towards a future where every Michigan family experiences firsthand the power of a healthy, safe, affordable home.