Reflection from Sandy Pearson

Sandra Pearson, left, with Dr. Ken Bensen, right

Posted June 10, 2022

A Reflection of Service

It’s time. The day has come for me to pass the baton to my successor. Like you, I can’t wait to meet our new CEO and do all I can to support the success of Habitat for Humanity of Michigan and the leader of this awesome ministry. With Thom also starting a new chapter, my time with the ministry has come full circle. Thom was the first new position I hired soon after I had joined Habitat for Humanity of Michigan as Chief Operating Officer in 2008. I loved Thom’s passion and we have been great partners and advocates of the people we serve and the environment.

Sandy Pearson walking through a home being constructed

I did not join Habitat for Humanity to be the CEO. Our founder, Ken Bensen, believed in me and promoted me as his successor to carry out the strategic priorities of the state, represent all affiliates, and be a voice for the mission while staying centered on faith and the people and families we serve. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve the past 14 years with Habitat for Humanity and 30 years in affordable housing. I have had the most blessed, enriching experiences. As I reflect upon all of the builds, the home dedications, the ReStores, the leadership and expansion of our mission into health, safety and energy efficiency building and repairs, financial coaching, pre and post purchase counseling, lending lines of business, global and local advocacy, the mortgage company now known as Affiliate Mortgage Services, what is most meaningful is the relationships and awesome experiences. I have learned that when you create relationships, relationships create trust and trust creates progress. Being a friend and colleague of this great mission group is the honor of my life. You are all passionate, thoughtful, hard-working, and spiritually generous people. Together, anything is possible.

Sandy Pearson seated with former president Jimmy Carter

It's been my honor and pleasure to work with the best teams of people and board members and I can’t thank all of them enough. Special thanks goes out to the search committee and the great deal of time and care they spent in selecting our new leader. I look forward to continuing my relationships with all of you and entering into a discovery phase of what’s next for me. I’m always easy to find.

Sandy holding a pom-pom over her head, standing at a podium

In Service,

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