Veterans Build

According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Michigan is ranked #11 in the nation for largest veteran populations. Habitat for Humanity affiliates are answering the call to help our brave service men and women by building and repairing homes, engaging veterans in volunteer opportunities, and educating communities.

What is a Habitat Veterans Build?

Through Veterans Build, Habitat empowers veterans by providing opportunities to utilize their skills, camaraderie, and dedication to serve again—this time, by constructing homes for fellow veterans in need. This collaborative effort not only addresses the housing challenges faced by veterans but also fosters a sense of purpose and community, forging meaningful connections and creating a lasting impact for those who have served our nation.

Veterans Build Habitat affiliates have a focus on empowering veterans through various avenues of support and opportunity. They are dedicated to creating pathways for veterans in building, employment, volunteer engagement, education, and honor.

Along with us here at Habitat Michigan, there are 41 Veterans Build Habitat affiliates throughout the state. Through our collective initiatives, we honor their service by offering hands-on building experiences, employment opportunities, avenues for volunteerism, educational programs, and a supportive community, providing veterans with the resources they need to thrive post-service.