Construction Site Supervisor/Project Manager

Construction Site Supervisor/Project Manager

Manistique, Michigan (In-Person)


This position is posted on behalf of Habitat for Humanity Hiawathaland

The Construction Site Supervisor oversees the construction activities that take place on the worksite on any given work day and is involved in the supervision of volunteers and family partners. The Construction Site Supervisor is in charge on the worksite and responsible for creating a team atmosphere. All work crews and individuals on site take their direction from the site supervisor, who is responsible for knowing what work must be done and applying volunteer resources to accomplish that work.

Expected Time Commitment

  1. Full-time, seasonal position, approximately 40 hours per week (5 workdays per week)
  2. The work season is weather dependent; beginning in April and ending in September
  3. Approximately 8-10 weeks per summer of working with traveling volunteer groups
  4. Evaluation after 3-month period
  5. Attend meetings as needed and/or appropriate

General Requirements

A site supervisor should be able to meet the following requirements:

  1. Understand Habitat for Humanity: Site Supervisors are one of the most visible ambassadors for HFH, and as a result, they will be asked Habitat-related questions from volunteers, public officials, and even the news media.
  2. Strong People Skills: A Site Supervisor must be patient, should maintain an air of confident enthusiasm about the work being done, and should strive to make the work experience enjoyable and rewarding for each and every volunteer. Site Supervisors shall not become angry or upset on site, shall not get into arguments, and shall never use profanity on site. Site Supervisors shall not berate or belittle any volunteer or the efforts of any volunteer.
  3. Strong Supervisory Skills: The role of the Site Supervisor is to supervise the work at hand, and not necessarily to do the work. If a small number of volunteers are present at the work site, the Site Supervisor may be able to participate in the actual work the entire day. As the number of volunteers on site increases, it becomes increasingly important for the Site Supervisor to back away from the actual work and focus on the supervisory role.
  4. Construction Experience: A Site Supervisor should have a working knowledge of residential construction, and have the confidence in that knowledge to effectively lead construction activities on the worksite. The Site Supervisor should also have experience doing major critical home repairs.


Construction Project Manager

  1. Work with volunteer coordinator and Executive Director to create construction schedule and identify number of volunteers needed for each workday so they can be recruited in advance
  2. Ensure that projects are completed on schedule, according to contractual conditions, within budget, and with adherence to high standards of quality construction.
  3. Work with the Construction Team on house plans, as needed.
  4. Coordinate all sub-contractors, inspections, etc.
  5. Ensure that materials and tools are available for each workday.

Construction Site Supervision

  1. Responsible for completion of assigned tasks.
  2. Teach and demonstrate the techniques of house construction or repairs as assigned.
  3. Responsible to organize work crews for maximum efficiency of workers and material.
  4. Ensure Affiliate Safety Program is being adhered to at all times. Teach tool use and safety.
  5. Maintain safe working conditions.
  6. Responsible for tools assigned on a daily basis.
  7. Maintain good group relations during construction.
  8. Engage in production work on the houses when it does not interfere with instruction or supervisorial duties.
  9. Performs other duties as required.
  10. Work with volunteer coordinator to submit reports of work performed as requested.
  1. Minimum of 5 years of experience in construction field.
  2. High degree of knowledge of all aspects of residential building and permitting process
  3. Ability to explain and teach various skills to both skilled and unskilled workers and volunteers.
  4. Strong organizational skills, people skills and attention to detail.
  5. Has reliable transportation to job sites in various locations within Schoolcraft County, A valid Michigan Driver’s License and current automotive liability insurance.
  6. Willing to commit to a mutually coordinated schedule.
  7. Computer literacy with demonstrated experience in using the Internet and Microsoft Office (i.e., Outlook, Word, Excel) preferred
  8. Shared commitment with Habitat for Humanity to work in partnership with people in need to provide affordable housing in our community.
  9. Take annual on-line Competent Person Training required by Habitat for Humanity International.

Pay: Negotiable dependent on qualifications and experience. Hire as a contract employee.

Physical Requirements to Perform Duties

Ability to climb ladders and scaffolding, maneuver over uneven ground, stand most or all of day, bend and lift. Work environment is usually outdoors with minimal office work.

Other Requirements

Work references and character references are required. Criminal background check required. Drug screen may be required.

Contact: Ann MacGregor, Executive Director (906)341.7437